“Healing Light of the Divine is a gift to help you as you journey on your way. Let it fill you, sustain and lift you. Let it restore harmony and peace, balance and truth. Let it open you that you may recognize the truth of who you are.”

Gabriela is a healer and also a messenger. Divine energy flows through her hands and voice and she uses her gifts and abilities to harmonize and re-calibrate the energetic blueprints of people and places.

Over the last 20 years she followed her inner guidance and traveled the world in search of knowledge and experience. From USA to New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, Tahiti, India, Israel, Costa Rica and Iceland, she studied extensively with different teachers, healers and monks of various traditions to become certified and qualified.

In 2010 she went through a profound Awakening experience that changed her perception of reality and approach to life. Following a series of initiations and activations she became a channel for healing energies to come through to others and the gift of healing through sound was awakened.

Gabriela feels blessed every day to work with the Divine and have the ability to:  

  • Transmit energy through her voice, hands and being as she speaks and signs the Light Language, an ancient and universal language of the Soul and of Spirit
  • Work with sacred sounds and tones that can be used for healing and awakening
  • Communicate with Masters and multi-dimensional beings from the Stars
  • Share the sacred harmonics of the Divine to bring a sense of peace to those who hear them

Gabriela has great passion and genuine love for her work. In her practice, she combines traditional and intuitive techniques and her gifts and abilities offer healing, guidance, direction and peace.

Individual healing session

Energy of Sacred Sounds and Light Language is channelled to harmonise you to the vibration of your Being, restructure energy circuits in the body and clear karmic energy distortion.

The healing process can also be facilitated with hypnotherapy to release emotional pain, personal Reconnection for growth and shift in consciousness and stress control and mind development program called the Silva Method.

Crystal Bed

The Crystal Bed was designed by divine beings that work through John of God in Brazil.

This powerful healing system consists of 7 specifically programmed clear quartz crystals designed to clear, heal, harmonise and energise each chakra.

Some benefits of Crystal Bed treatment include purifying and re-balancing the energy of the body, development of spiritual awareness and releasing of unconscious behaviours and addictions.

Group healing session

Gabriela transmits energy through her hands, voice and being as she channels sacred sounds, tones and spiritual Light Language.

The group experience allows you to receive what you need to be individually attuned and harmonized, to drop deep into the stillness within, experience deep peace and reconnect to who you truly are.