SOUL RECONNECTION with Gabriela –  Healing and the Silva Method 

I am a healer and also a messenger. Divine energy flow through my hands and voice and my gifts and abilities offer healing, guidance, direction and peace.

Over the last 20 years, I followed my inner guidance and traveled the world in search of knowledge and experience. From USA to New Zealand, Japan, Tahiti, India and Israel I have studied mind development and healing techniques with different teachers, healers and monks of various traditions. Following a series of initiations and activations I became a channel for healing energies to come through to others.

After an intense Awakening experience I received a sacred gift from Source. The gift of healing through Sound was awakened and I started speaking the Soul Language and channelling Sacred sounds and messages from Divine beings.

I feel blessed every day to have the ability to:

  • Channel and transmit energy through my voice, hands and being
  • Work with sounds and tones that can be used for healing and awakening
  • Speak and sign the Light Language, an ancient and universal language of the Soul and of Spirit
  • Communicate with Angels, Masters and multi-dimensional beings from the Stars
  • Share the sacred harmonics of the Divine to bring a sense of peace to all who hear them

I have great passion and genuine love for my work. Having extensive training in different natural healing modalities, numerous qualifications and years of experience I can facilitate the healing process in variety of ways:

Individual session

One of the methods I use is energy and sound healing. I am a vehicle for Divine healing energy to flow through my hands and voice that can heal, balance and cleanse.

I can also offer hypnotherapy to release emotional pain and personal Reconnection which can serve as a powerful instrument for growth and shift in consciousness.

The Silva Method

Stress control and mind development program which uses guided meditation exercises to reach deep relaxed state called the Alpha level.

Each exercise leads to greater awareness and an increased ability to focus thoughts which helps solve everyday problems, improve health and gain a better perspective of life.

Group healing session

I transmit energy through my hands and voice as I channel sacred sounds, tones and spiritual Light Language.

The group experience allows each person to receive uniquely what they need to be individually attuned and harmonized. This in turn can bring about healing, alignment, realization and transformation.

Transitional Healing

I am helping people energetically transition from life to death. In the final stages of one’s life a person can experience the fear of death and anxiety about the unknown.

Transitional healing can lessen the fear and bring comfort, calmness and peacefulness.